President Eric and Past President David meet President of  Bombay Rotary Club

Dr Sonya Mehta on 2nd February 2016

Bombay Rotary Club have over 350 members and meet at the Taj Palace Hotel

Presentation on Newton House

held on 26th April 2016

Visit to Shaplaz Indian Restaurant, Mansel Street, Carmarthen 12th April 2016

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Clay Pigeon Shooting at Castell Gorfod 17th May 2016

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Members helping at the Tywi Rotary Charity Golf Day 3rd June 2016

2nd prize to Gerald Vaughan’s team

David Crane winning

the Rotary Shield

Jeremy John and Brenda Schofield receiving their Rotary Community Awards and Dave Maskell receiving a cheque from the Rotary Charity Boxing Night

Tywi Rotary Summer Ball 4th June 2016

Held at  Botanic Gardens of Wales

Past President Eric Starkey sums up his year in office to Assistant District Governor Kistiah Ramaya   28th June 2016

Handover 5th July 2016

President Paul Evans takes over the Presidency

President Paul wins the Club Golf Trophy

9th August 2016

Andy Edwards No 2 gives 1st part of his job talk 2nd August 2016

Quad Biking

26th July 2016

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Barbecue at President Paul Evans home

16th August 2016

Past President Rihab Salmann receives a birthday cake from Trudie Evans

Past President Cledwyn takes the Club on his official Carmarthen Town Tour 23 August 2016

Rose & Crown 13 Sept 16

After taking Hafal 10 pin bowling

Ex President Eric gives charity cheque to Salvation Army 11 October 2016

District Governor Steve Jenkins

11 October 2016

Our team at Morriston Rotary  Club Charity  Golf day at Clyne Golf Club, Swansea 26 August 2016

Hollywood Chinese 25 October 2016

Rotary Quiz  at Llandovery Rotary   18 October 16


Our Rotary Club receiving a Commendation from the High Sheriff Medwin Hughes

Our Club take Hafal Club Christmas Shopping at Wilkinsons then Fish and Chips at Morgans Carmarthen

Xmas Dinner at Diablos

13 December 2016

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James Davies gave a talk 17 January 2016 on his experience winning a silver medal  at the Olympics

Honorary Rotary Membership given to Mongi Lassoued  for serving us for over 26 years at the Ivy Bush Hotel

Carmarthen High School Youth Speaks Team give presentation to Carmarthen Tywi Rotary Club 21st March 2017

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Mike Benbow

joins our Rotary club

Tywi Rotary trip to Cork

4th to 7th May 2017

Cork Horse Racing

6th May

President Paul wins the

Cork Golf Trophy

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Ten Pin Bowling  

14th March 2017

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Scatter visit to Llandovery Rotary

16th May 2017

Tywi Rotary visit to Langland Golf Club

25th May 2017

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Tywi Rotary Charity Golf  June 2nd 2017

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Vince Bailey receives Rotary Community Award 13th June 2017

Quad Biking   20th June 2017

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Nantagaredig School pupils

Kids Out  at  Folly Farm 14th June 2017

Past President Paul Evans hands over to President Phil Evans

4th July 2017