Rotary Club of Carmarthen Tywi
Clwb Rotari Caerfyrddin Tywi
Meetings:  The Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Spilman Street, Carmarthen SA31 1LG Tel: (01267) 235111
Every Tuesday (except after Bank Holiday Mondays) at 8.00pm
Vocational & Youth Chairmen
Andy Edwards (1)
Steven Murphy
Community Service
Mike Davies

Foundation  Chairman

Ron Mounsey

Past President

Andy Edwards

International Chairman

& Twinning

David Crane



Nigel Jones


Website Officer
David Crane
Sandro Paso


Cledwyn Davies


Jeff Lewis

President Elect

Julian Dobson

Sergeant at Arms

Andy Edwards 1

Club Admin

Julian Dobson

Vice President

Phillip Williams

Committee :

Club Administration and Social Events – Julian Dobson

Community – Mike Davies

Foundation – Ron Mounsey

Vocation and Youth – Andrew Edwards (1)

Membership – Nigel Jones

International – David Crane






CLUB ADMINISTRATION                 MEMBERHSIP                                                                                SERVICE PROJECTS                                                        ROTARY FOUNDATION

Julian Dobson                                     Nigel Jones                         Mike Davies             Huw Meredith    David Crane         Andrew Edwards                   Ron Mounsey

             Club                                           Membership                     Community                 Fundraising        International           Vocational and                    Foundation

    Administration                                                                                                                       Club Projects                                                   Youth                                For Grants

* Club Program                                  * Approach                         * Local Projects         * Fundraising    * International      * Young Musician                       * Polio

* Club                                                    local business            * Increase our Events                                           Projects                  * Young Chef                 * Identify International

Communications                         * Demystify  Impact          * Resume Boxing                                        * International            * Youth speaks                    and local project

* Social events                                         Rotary                             * Expand our                ( if possible )             Support                * RYLA  

                                                              * Volunteers at                           reach                * Fundraising Dinner                                       * Kids Out  

                                                                hospital- social                  *Impact -Reach      * Put back FUN into    

                                                                   entities                             Engage - Adapt               Fundraising    

                                                              * Attract new                   * What can we get            * Bike Ride    

                                                             members (where)                  from local           * Swim competition    

                                                            * Engage younger                       council                      * Engage lcoal     

                                                                     people by                      * Homeless                  Business for support    

                                                                creating sattelite                                                        * Car competition    

                                                                             Club                                                                         * Music events    


COMMIITTEES                                      CHAIRMAN                          MEMBERS                        MEMBERS             MEMBERS                  MEMBERS                        MEMBERS


President                                          Sandro Roque Pasa      

Club Administration                        Julian Dobson      

Treasury                                                Cledwyn Davies      

Secretary                                               Steven Murphy      

Minute Secretary                                  Neil Storey      

Community                                            Mike Davies                     Phillip Williams                Neil Storey    

Fundraising                                          Huw Meredith                      Mike Davies                  Ron Mounsey        Malcom Davies          Nigel Jones           Andrew Edwards (1)

Foundation                                             Ron Mounsey                    Philip Johnson                Paul Evans    

International                                           David Crane                        Juan Salinas                   Phillip Evans     

Membership                                             Nigel Jones                          Jeff Lewis                  Stephen Murphy    Marc Pascoe

Vocationa and Youth                       Andrew Edwards (1)               Wyn Rees                     Martin O'Toole        Cledwyn Davies  Robert Lankester        Reg Upton

Sergeant at Arms                               Andrew Edwards (1)       

Almoner                                                     Jeff Lewis      


Treasury  - Cledwyn Davies

Secretary – Stephen Murphy

International – Juan Salinas, Phil Evans ,

Fundraising Committee– Malcolm Daves, Mike Davies, Nigel Jones , Andy2

Foundation – Philip Johnson

Minute Secretary – Neil Storey